Dr. Trish is now offering a live Webinar:

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Upper Extremity Dysfunctions” 2.0 Level 1A CME Webinar

Wednesday June 9, 2021  7:00-8:30pm EST

This live webinar  worth 2: 1A level CMEs. The live presentation is 90 minutes, attendees will pre-read a journal article prior to the live webinar for 30 minutes to meet the full 2 hours of the CME.

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Learn Manual Medicine

Learn how to help your patients truly heal their pain and feel great rather than taking another pill.  Earn continuing medical education credits from you own home rather than the big expenses of traveling to a live course.  Whether you are a practitioner already in the movement and musculoskeletal field or a practitioner who is ready to expand your knowledge into this field, Dr. Murray provides the functional anatomy you need to know and then focuses on the demonstrations of exactly how to do each of the techniques presented.

Five techniques taught in the Manual Medicine Demonstration Series videos:

  1. Muscle Energy
  2. High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA)
  3. Strain-Counterstrain
  4. The Still Technique
  5. Soft Tissue Techniques

Four Full courses are presently available:

  1. Introductory Course ($250.00 / 6.0 CME)
  2. Hip and Lower Extremity ($250.00 / 6.0 CME’s)
  3. Pelvis ($300.00 / 6.0 CME’s)
  4. Manual Medicine For The Pregnant Patient ($150.00/ 4.0 CME’s)

Don’t want whole courses: subsections of interest are available separately:

  1. Principles and Practices of Manual Medicine: $25.00 / 0.5 CME’s
  2. Muscle Energy Technique: $50.00 / 1.0 CME’s
  3. Strain-Counterstrain: $50.00 / 1.0 CME’s
  4. The Still Technique: $50.00 / 1.0 CME’s
  5. Soft Tissue Techniques: $50.00 / 1.0 CME’s
  6. The Knee: $75.00 / 1.5 CME’s
  7. The Ankle: $50.00 / 1.0 CME’s
  8. The Foot: $50.00 / 1.0 CME’s