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Autobiography of Andrew T. Still

By August 4, 2014Blog

Originally published 1908, available through classic reprint series: www.ForgottenBooks.org. Chapter IX, pg. 105.


“I did not know how to reason on diseases, because all the authorities I had read or met in council could not get their eyes off the effects to turn them to the cause. They met pain with anti-pain medicines, and bleeding of the bowels with astringents that closed the issues from which the blood came, following such remedies to death’s door, and then lined up for another battle and defeat with the same old failing remedies, and opened fire all along the line on symptoms only.
I wondered why doctors were so badly frightened when flux visited their own families if their remedies were to be trusted.

I knew that a person had a spinal cord; but really, I knew little, if anything, of its use. I had read in anatomy that the upper portion of the body was supplied with motor nerves from the front side of the spinal cord, and that the back side of the cord gave off the sensory nerves, but that gave no very great clue as to what to do for flux. I began work at the base of the brain, and thought by pressure and rubbing I could push some of the hot to the cold places. While so doing I found rigid and loose places in the muscles and ligaments of the child’s whole spine, while the lumbar region was in a very congested condition. I worked for a few minutes on that philosophy, and then told the mother to report to me the next day, and if I could do anything more for her boy I would cheerfully do so. She came early next morning with the news that her child was well. Flux was prevalent in a large per cent of the families of Macon. The reader will remember that my home at that time was still in Baldwin, Kansas, and I was only visiting in Macon. The lady whose child I had cured brought many people with their sick children to me for treatment. As nearly as I can remember, I had seventeen severe cases of flux in a few days, and cured them all without drugs.”

Our next post will be on Tensegrity and Mechanoregulation.

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