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Recognizing The Fascia as a True Holistic Network

By December 22, 2014Blog
Continued from my previous post...

What also peaked my interest was a talk by Dr. Rollin McCraty from the Heart Math Institute who spoke on the concept of coherence.  He shared numerous studies that have looked at heart rate variability and electromagnetic fields and pointed out a number of examples where coherence within these measurable variables caused calmness, balance and stability between two people or between a person and their environment; while incoherence within these variables led to agitation, imbalance and instability between two people or a person and their environment.  These impacts have an effect between people, but also between the earth or the universe and people.(2)

But, what struck me throughout his talk was the focus on the heart and the brain.  He mentioned these organ systems many times throughout his talk and pointed out that heart rate variability and the electromagnetic field created by the nervous system are measurable and therefore able to be studied.  This caused me to contemplate the fact that these two organ systems: the vascular system and the nervous system share a unique similarity.  They both are holistic networks of the body.  Each of them, if extracted intact from the body would show the precise three dimensional shape of one’s body inside and out.  These are truly holistic systems in that if extracted physically from the body they show the complete three dimensional shape of the body as if that system were standing in space and moving in life.(3)  It led me to wondering: is this why these systems have been the conduits for coherence and other quantum physics concepts like entanglement?

2. Heart Math Institute:  http://www.heartmath.org.

3. Myers, Thomas;  Anatomy Trains, Elsevier Limited, 2001 & 2007

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