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Recognizing The Fascia as a True Holistic Network

By December 29, 2014Blog
(Continued from my previous post)

There was no mention in Dr. McCraty’s talk or others for that matter of the third organ system of the body that is also a holistic network: the fascial system. As Thomas Myers says in his book Anatomy Trains: “… the fascial system is our third whole-body communicating network; the only surprise is how little the importance of this network has been recognized, until recently, and studied as a whole”. (4) Dr. A.T. Still in The Philosophy of Osteopathy illustrates that he understood the importance of the holistic fascial system many years ago by stating “I know of no part of the body that equals the fascia as a hunting ground. I believe that more rich golden thought will appear to the mind’s eye as the study of the fascia is pursued than any division of the body. Still one part is just as great and useful as any other in its place. No part can be dispensed with. But the fascia is the ground in which all causes of death do the destruction of life.” (5)

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