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Recognizing The Fascia as a True Holistic Network

By January 5, 2015Blog

Functional medicine divides the systems of the body up based on functional concepts such as assimilation, defense and repair, energy, biotransformation and elimination, communication, transport, and structural integrity. It also emphasizes the complex overlap and interaction of function between the bodies systems. (6) For example, it is easy to see the complexity of the vascular system in that it not only transports, but it also communicates, assimilates, eliminates, defends and repairs. Nor is it a leap to see and understand the complexity of the nervous system in that it to communicates, transports, assimilates, defends, etc…. But,what has not been realized and is not understood fully is the level of complexity of the fiberous or fascial system. It has been known to play a structural role as an organ system; but more focused scientific research on the fascia is now showing that it too is a holistic complex biological system that is involved in communication, assimilation, defense and repair. And again, Dr. A.T. Still knew this long before modern science had started to realize it: “The fascia proves itself to be the probable matrix of life and death. Beginning with the mucous membrane penetrating all parts to supply and renovate the fluids of life, and nourishing all the nerves of nutrition and assimilation. When harmonious in normal action, health is good; when perverted, disease is destructive unto death.” (7)

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