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Recognising the Fascia as a True Holistic Network

By January 19, 2015Blog

Beyond the mechanical signals that are transported through the cytoskeleton, numerous scientists since the 1970’s have been looking at the microtubules and filaments of the cytoskeleton to determine if they are capable of information processing and energy transfer. Stuart Hameroff, MD who is an anesthesiologist at the University of Arizona College of Medicine published in 1987 Ultimate Computing, Biomolecular Conscousness and NonoTechnology. In this book Dr. Hameroff presents an historical discussion of what science has come to know about microtubules, cytoplasm and the cytoskeleton.(14) One example is cell biologist Marc DeBrabander who extensively studied activities of the cytoskeleton in mitosis and cellular organization and found that the ordered activity of the filaments appears to be controlled by the microtubule system, analogous to its function in cell movement and cell shape.DeBrabander (1977) observed that in these phenomena microtubules act beyond their capacity as skeletal support elements and perform as signal transducers from the cell center to the periphery, and vice versa. He points out several microtubule features that could favor signaling: microtubule intrinsic polarity, the existence of centrifugal and centripetal microtubules, the conformational propagation mechanism proposed by Atema (1973), directional organelle movement and topography, and transport of ions such as calcium along microtubules. (15)

Dr. Hameroff postulates that the cytoskeleton is the cell’s nervous system, the biological computer, and that the cytoskeletal filaments within the nerve cells of the brain are the “roots of consciousness”. “The small size and rapid conformational activities of cytoskeletal proteins are just beyond the resolution of current technologies, so their potential dynamics remain unexplored and cytoskeletal controlling capability untested.” (16) He goes on to postulate that cognitive processes which have been ascribed to a neural net concept may thus be more accurately interpreted as a fractal hierarchy of dynamical systems which are highly parallel, highly interconnected, and of increasing capacity as they become more microscopic and the entire net effect from microscopic level to macroscopic level may be consciousness.(17)
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