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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease

By June 22, 2015Blog


In the next few blogs I will present some of the highlights from this book written by Mark Houston, MD. In his introduction he makes this list of statements to shake up your world:

  • Abnormal cholesterol levels are Not primary causes or indicators of heart disease.
  • Consuming a high cholesterol diet or eating eggs does NOT significantly raise cholesterol.
  • All LDL “bad” cholesterol is NOT harmful.
  • All HDL “good” cholesterol is NOT protective.
  • Blood pressure taken at doctor’s office may NOT be accurate measure of your true blood pressure.
  • Fasting glucose of 99mg/dL is NOT safe or normal.
  • Normal body weight does NOT ensure heart health.

Then he presents his list of the key points to his:

Integrative Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program

  1. Get thoroughly checked by a physician that examines biochemical pathways and disease pathways.
  2. REDUCE inflammation, autoimmunity and oxidative stress.
  3. Counteract problems with cholesterol and blood fat; stabilize blood pressure and normalize blood flow through arteries.
  4. Exercise using the Aerobics, Build, Contour and Tone program.
  5. Attend to any other disease states that may be contributing to inflammation, autoimmunity or oxidative stress.
  6. Make Lifestyle changes to achieve ideal body weight.
  7. Use standard medications as appropriate.
  8. Stop using All Tobacco products.

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