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The Wahls Protocol, by Terry Wahls, MD, Published 2014

By October 19, 2015Blog

The third level of Dr. Wahls Protocol Diet is called  Wahls Paleo Plus=most challenging level and most therapeutic for autoimmune, neurological, or psychological conditions. Major concepts of Wahls Paleo Plus:

  1.  Eliminate all grains, legumes and potatoes.
  2. Consume at least 6 cups of vegetables, divided between greens, color and sulfur-rich
  3. Reduce cooked starchy vegetables  and fruit
  4. Add coconut oil and full-fat coconut milk
  5. Eat just twice per day and fast twelve to sixteen hours every night

This level is for those not seeing enough benefit from Wahls Paleo and

 they want to go further:

  1. Eat more FAT: 5 Tbs. or ¾ can full fat coconut milk daily, olive oil and ghee.
  2. Decrease cups fruits/vegetables to 6 to 9 and Limit fruit to 1 cup daily  of mostly berries. (not dried/canned)
  1. Eliminate ALL grains, legumes and white potatoes.
  2. Limit Starchy Vegetables to 2 servings/week and always combine with fat and protein to lower glycemic index.
  3. Reduce meat to 6 to 12 ounces per day
  4. Eat just twice daily and fast every night for 12-15 hours.

This is a Ketogenic Diet

This diet is high fat and low carbohydrates so the body can go into Ketosis= body burns fat instead of sugar for fuel.  Our liver produces ketone bodies (short to mid-chain fats), which can cross the blood-brain barrier and be burned as fuel by brain cell mitochondria.  The longer a person is in ketosis the more enzymes they produce to burn the ketones for fuel more and more efficiently.

Coconut oil and full fat coconut milk are Medium-chain Triglycerides (fats) that are excellent sources of fuel.

So, the Wahls Paleo Plus is based on:

  • Ketosis and high fat for Brain Health
  • Low carbohydrates to reduce Inflammation and stabilize blood sugar
  • Nutrient Dense

A person can check if they are in ketosis by obtaining urine ketone strips at the  pharmacy and checking their urine for the presence of ketones.  As long as they are present, you are in ketosis.


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