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Epigenetics and The Human Genome Project

By January 11, 2016Blog

The next topic Sayer Ji discusses in his essay entitled The Dark Side of Wheat is epigenetics. Epigenetics means above the control of the genes. This concept has evolved in science as a result of the failure of the human genome project to prove the original scientific hypothesis that one gene expresses one protein which then leads to one cellular behavior. Prior to the human genome project it was believed that humans must have greater than 100,000 genes in order to encode for the greater than 100,000 proteins found in the human body; but, this is not what was found to be true. When the human genome project was complete it was revealed that there are only 20,000 to 23,000 genes in human DNA, which does not explain how we can encode so many proteins.

What came out of this is the understanding that a single gene can be used by a cell to express many different proteins and it is not the DNA itself that determines how or what genes will be expressed. Instead; diet, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, chemicals, stress, pathogens, and other environmental influences determine which genes get turned on and which are silenced (gene expression). In other words, the epigenetic environment determines what genetic expression will be expressed or present itself.

Your Environment Influences your genetic expression:

The basic lesson from the post-genomic era is that we cannot blame our DNA for causing disease. Rather, it may have more to do with what we choose to expose our DNA to.”

The foods we eat, the cosmetics we use, the chemicals we clean our homes with, the level of stress we create or accept in our life all have an epigenetic effect on our overall health. In our world today we are exposed daily to a huge number of toxins. Some we choose to expose ourselves to and others we do not have any choice about, but without learning how to know what is toxic to us as a community or as an individual; then we cannot make educated choices about how to stay healthy.

One of the best ways to identify if certain foods are irritating to an individual’s system is to eliminate that food or food category for 3 weeks and then re-challenge that food or food category and assess for reaction. For example, I have had patient’s with horrible eczema on their hands and/or feet that have been to numerous different dermatologists and been prescribed numerous different medications with no significant lasting improvement; but, once they did my “Detox Plus Program” their rashes resolved while on the 3 week elimination diet and then returned when they re-challenged certain foods. This program empowered them to learn that their food choices were causing an immune response that was initiating a genetic expression of a chronic illness and changing their food environment quieted that expression.

Comprehensive Elimination Diet:

I have been having patients do 3 week comprehensive elimination diets for a number of years now since I started studying and implementing functional medicine concepts and I have seen so many powerful changes for the better in peoples’ health that I created “The Detox Plus Program” to give people the information and guidance they need to implement a detox for themselves. Information about my program can be seen on my clinical website: www.tmurraywellness.com.

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