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6 Adverse Effects of Wheat: Properties of Gliadin

By February 8, 2016Blog

Wheat Gliadin Has Pharmacological Properties

Wheat grain has been called “the staff of life” and it is also considered “comfort food”. Why has this come to be?

First, all proteins are made up of a long string of amino acids that are bound together and fold on each other to form a unique structure. Gliadin or gluten, the protein in wheat, when digested gets broken down into shorter strands of amino acids called peptides. Gliadorphin is a 7 amino acid long peptide fragment from gliadin.

Gliadorphin, What’s significant is this:

“When digestive enzymes are insufficient to break gliadorphin down into 2-3 amino acid lengths and a compromised intestinal wall allows for the leakage of the entire 7 amino acid long fragment into the blood, gliadorphin (sound enough like morphine yet?) can pass through to the brain and activate opioid receptors resulting in disrupted brain function.”

Ggliadorphin is not the only gluten “exorphin” that has been identified:
“gluten exorphin A4, A5, B4, B5 and C have all been identified and many of them have been hypothesized to play a role in autism, schizophrenia, ADHD and related neurological conditions.”

Biologists: Greg Wadley & Angus Martin have hypothesized:
“Cereals have important qualities that differentiate them from most other drugs. They are a food source as well as a drug, and can be stored and transported easily. They are ingested in frequent small doses, and do not impede work performance in most people. A desire for the drug, even cravings or withdrawal, can be confused with hunger. These features make cereals the ideal facilitator of civilization.”

Historically, it has been arqued that wheat may have assisted in the Growth of the Roman Empire and the spread of civilization. The Roman Empire was known as the “Wheat Empire”. Soldiers were paid in wheat and a soldier’s punishment included being deprived of wheat rations. Forts were actually granaries holding up to a year’s worth of grain.

What this means is that we are literally addicted to wheat. Have you ever tried to eliminate wheat and gluten products from your diet? It is not easy to do and the fact that these peptide fragments from gluten act as opiod or narcotic drugs in our brains explains why it is not easy to eliminate gluten. When we eliminate gluten we actually experience withdrawl symptoms and need another fix to stop them. If all of the other points made about the adverse effects of wheat have not gotten your attention, I cannot see how this one doesn’t.

How about your children? What do kids eat for breakfast most mornings: Cereals! Do you want them exposed to a constant opiod/narcotic effect from the food you feed them? What effect is this having on their ability to learn, be creative, and develop?

So, How Can You Know if Wheat Is Effecting You or Your Children Like a Narcotic?

The problem is that so many people have a leaky gut with dysfunctional gaps in the tight junctions between the enterocytes (cells) of the intestinal lining and they are not digesting their foods appropriately enough. As a result, these larger peptides are being absorbed and getting into our bloodstream and effecting you and your child’s brain function.

BUT, there is a way to cleanse and quiet your system on your own and then once it is quiet and not so reactive to systematically expose your system to different foods or food categories and test for yourself whether you are sensitive to wheat or other foods or not. This method is called an Elimination Diet and is the most powerful tool I know of for anyone to use to identify their individual food sensitivities.

I believe in the power of this method so much that I have put together a “Detox Plus Program” that walks anyone through the steps of how to do a 3 week comprehensive elimination detoxifying diet and then how to systematically re-challenge the different foods.

My program includes:

  1. a step by step guide to support you through the process
  2. 5 supportive and educational video talks by me educating and empowering you on:
    1. Your body’s detoxification pathways
    2. The Most supportive supplements to take during a detox
    3. Stress reduction methods
    4. How to systematically re-challenge each food or food category correctly to determine your sensitivities.
    5. What to do after your detox is over and where to go from here.

If you would like to learn more about my “Detox Plus Program” then go to my clinical website: www.tmurraywellness.com. From the homepage follow the link to learn how to “Put a DENT in your Pain” through Diet, Exercise, Nutrition and Treatment:

Then, for free:

  1. Take the Medical Symptoms Questionaire and score your overall health
  2. Listen to my overview talk on how to Put a “DENT” in your Pain through Diet, Exercise, Nutrition and Treatment.

Finally, take a look at my “Detox Plus Program” and decide if it may be the answer you are looking for to feel better and empower yourself and your family to optimize your overall health.

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