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The Fifth Adverse Effect of Wheat

By February 29, 2016Blog

A peptide from wheat may initiate an autoimmune reaction

Individual amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and peptides are fragments of proteins containing a smaller number of amino acids than the complete protein. The gluten from wheat is a complete protein that when fragmented is broken into different size peptides. A 33 amino acid long fragment of gluten is known as 33-mer and it has a similar structure and function and can mimic Bordetella pertussis bacteria (Whooping Cough).

Therefore, the 33-mer peptide can initiate an immune system response as if it were a pathogen that the immune system needs to attack. This immune reaction can end up causing an immune response against self tissues, which is an autoimmune reaction.

Again, the gold standard method of determining if you have a gluten sensitivity is to eliminate all sources of gluten for 3 weeks to allow your immune system to quiet and then re-challenge gluten for up to 72 hours and monitor for concerning symptoms such as bowel issues, headaches, joint pain, or fatigue. This is something you can do with just gluten containing foods or you can do a comprehensive elimination diet which is explained in my Detox Plus Program.

Comprehensive Elimination Diet:

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