Course name: Fascia: The Missing Link to Healthy Posture and Aging

Date: Wednesday December 2, 2020    7:00-8:30 pm EST

Registration Link:

This live webinar is 90 minutes long and is worth a total of two 1A CME credits. You are required to attend this virtual class on December 2nd. If you are unable to attend we will send you a recording of the course, however this will be worth a total of two 1B CME credits, and you will be required to pass a test prior to earning the credit.

Course objectives:

  • Attendees will understand the holistic aspects of the Fascial System
  • Attendees will understand the constituents of fascial anatomy
  • Attendees will understand the effect of fascial patterns on posture
  • Attendees will understand the effect of fascial patterns on different body systems.

* This course will involve the 90 minute live online class, but also attendees will be required to watch a video on Fascia: prior to the live class and be prepared to share their thoughts on the video that demonstrate they watched it to earn the full 2.0 CME 1A level credits.  You can watch this video by clicking this link: Anatomy Trains | Tom Myers | Talks at Google