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OMM for the Neck and Tension-Type Headache

Date: Wednesday February 3, 2021  7:00-8:30pm  EST


Product Description

OMM for the Neck and Tension-type Headache

Wednesday February 3, 2021  7:00-8:30pm EST

  • Attendees will understand that OMT has research to support its effect in treating chronic tension-type headaches.
  • Attendees will review functional anatomy of upper and lower cervical complex
  • Attendees will understand the effect of myofascial tissues on tension-type headaches
  • Attendees will understand the Still Technique’s effect on cervical somatic dysfunction
  • Attendees will be introduced to self-myofascial release for the neck
  • * This course will involve the 90-minute live online class. Also, prior to the webinar attendees are required to read a research article:  “Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy in Patients With Chronic Tension-Type Headache: A Pilot Study”. Please be prepared to share your thoughts on the article in order to demonstrate you read it to earn the full 2.0 CME 1A level credits.  You can read this article by clicking this link:

This will be an online live course that will take place on zoom. After registering you will receive an email with instructions and links. 


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